What is the International Behavior Analyst® (IBA®) Certification?

The International Behavior Analyst® (IBA®) certification is obtained after a candidate demonstrates they have completed various educational, experiential, practice, and supervision-related tasks and activities. The IBA® is an accomplishment that shows the world that the individual is a competent behavior analyst and ready to provide effective, ethical, behavioral services in homes, schools, and a variety of community settings.

What does an International Behavior Analyst® (IBA®) do?

IBAs around the world provide behavioral services in a variety of settings and to a variety of clients. Many IBAs work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental or other disabilities, and those who require additional support with language development, challenging behavior, daily life skills, social skills, and learning supports. Others work in corporate settings alongside human resources, and still others work in animal or marine environments training animals. Regardless of the setting or the client, IBAs provide behavioral services in the hope of improving client lives.

Typically, IBAs work as part of a team of behavior analysts and behavior therapists (IBTs). The IBA® is typically the leader of the team and conducts relevant assessments, creates behavior support or learning plans, arranges data collection systems to monitor learner progress, and then models and trains IBTs, parents, teachers, and other professionals to implement the support programs they have designed. The IBA® then oversees, manages, supervises, and support those ongoing behavioral and learning programs.

How do I become an International Behavior Analyst® (IBA®)?

There are two different ways to obtain the IBA®. If you are currently certified in behavior analysis you can apply for the IBA® “Addition”. After you apply, provide the verification of your existing certification. IBA® Addition is $49.95.

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If you do not have an existing certification, you can become an IBA® by registering as a candidate for the IBA® and then completing all requirements. Whether you are just beginning your journey towards the rewarding career of an IBA® or you have met some but not all of the IBA® requirements, the road to completing your IBA® starts here. IBA® Registration is $199.00 and includes the cost of the exam.

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