REOs are the Required Educational Objectives needed to sit for the IBA® Online Exam. The REOs are learning objectives that cover basic principles of behavior analysis and applied behavior analysis, behavioral assessment, behavioral intervention, behavioral instruction, ethics, and more. The REOs are the basics of the field of ABA and required knowledge to practice in the field.

REOs can be obtained by completing at least 270 hours of training. This training is available through any of the IBAO® IBA® Approved Content Providers (ACPs) or by completing any ABAI Verified Course Sequence (VCS). VCSs are currently around the world. ACPs are growing in number so be sure to check the ACP page regularly for new updates!

Yes! Simply purchase the IBA® “Addition” and after you access your IBAO® online account dashboard, you will be prompted to upload a copy or photo of your BCBA. Once verified, your IBA® will be issued.

Yes, as long as you have been practicing as a BCaBA for over a year. For questions about your particular situation, please email us at

Yes! Simply purchase the IBT® “Addition” and after you access your IBAO® online account dashboard, you will be prompted to upload a copy or photo of your RBT. Once verified, your IBT® will be issued.

IBAO® accepts any of our requirements that were obtained pursuing other certifications. If you have completed a VCS course sequence, we will accept that as meeting IBAO’s REOs. If you have practice or supervision hours, we will accept those towards our required number of hours. You will not have to repeat any accomplishments to meet ours.

Translations are currently underway in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian. These are continuing towards completion and other languages are being added.

IBA® candidates have a choice between two different routes. One is the Master’s route and one is the experience route. If you choose the experience route, you will be required to complete two additional projects prior to sitting for the IBA® Online Exam.

A candidate must first purchase the IBA® or IBT® “Registration.” Once registered, in the candidate dashboard, go to the Supervision Tab and click on Request Supervisor. The supervisor does not have to be an IBA®. There are several different qualifications for a supervisor, having an IBA® or BCBA are the most common. After you click to request a supervisor, you will add the name of the prospective supervisor and their email. IBAO® emails the supervisor, and the supervisor has the options to accept the request, deny the request, or ask the candidate for more information needed to decide. If the supervisor accepts the candidate’s request, the candidate will be notified by email. Next, you will complete and sign the supervisor agreement. When you do, the supervisor will be sent the agreement for them to complete and sign. When this is signed by the candidate and the supervisor, the agreement will be stored in each of your accounts. Now you can begin to log your supervision experiences on the online Supervision Documentation Forms.

The IBA® is not a license. It is a certification. Certifications (IBA®, BCBA, etc.) do not grant a person the right to practice behavior analysis. Anyone can practice in behavior analysis with or without a certification. Certain individual states in the USA have a licensure requirement. Currently no countries outside of the USA have licensure requirements to practice ABA. Certifications show that you have met educational, practice, and experiential requirements, vowed to practice by a set of ethical guidelines, maintain continuing educational activities to stay current in the field, and to pass skills and knowledge tests. This protects the community by ensuring those who practice WITH a certification have dedicated themselves to the requirements and will provide services ethically. When more and more people become certified, those who are not certified and those who are practicing outside of our field standards will be easier and easier to identify. This is a major step in helping to shape the perception of our growing field around the world.

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