Who We Are

The International Behavior Analysis Organization® (IBAO®) is an international applied behavior analysis credentialing organization whose mission is to provide Behavior Analysts and Behavioral Technicians living outside North America with a credentialing standard needed for professional practice in Applied Behavior Analysis. By establishing and maintaining educational, experiential, examination, and practice standards, the IBAO® will serve as the certification organization for International Applied Behavior Analysis practitioners.

Goals, Mission, Vision, Value

The mission of the IBAO® is to protect consumers around the globe by establishing and maintaining standards for competency within the practice of Applied Behavior Analysis that reflect cultural differences and sensitivities while maintaining a focus on ethical values.

The vision for IBAO® is to establish practice standards around the world to help service providers address socially significant issues using Applied Behavior Analysis.

The Goals of the IBAO® are multifaceted to establish, maintain, and verify best practice standards within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis on a global level. As an internationally focused organization, the IBAO® will include representation from around the world. One focus is culturally competent expansion of the practice of Applied Behavior Analysis. We work within different international regions to first build community protection and then recognition for certified providers.

Why is There a Need for the IBAO®?

The professional services of Applied Behavior Analysts are needed around the world. In North America, high standards have been established for the practice of Applied Behavior Analysts due to countless educational campaigns by well-funded advocacy organizations, various insurance mandates, organized parent groups, and educational laws which protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. Unfortunately, other parts of the world are 10-20 years behind these North American standards in ABA service provision and disability awareness.

In spite of these challenges, the need for behavioral services is on the rise around the world and thousands of dedicated individuals want to prove their ability to provide best practice services. To date, this has been through obtaining the certifications provided by the BACB®. However, attaining the certifications of the BACB® can be difficult to meet for the many caring professionals and behavioral services providers living abroad. Language and cultural differences, restricted access to approved training course sequences, and other real-world problems create impossible barriers for so many who want to provide effective behavioral services.

By creating attainable and culturally relevant educational, experiential, and examination requirements for professional behavior analyst certifications, the IBAO® creates opportunity where none have ever existed.

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